Storytelling for Leaders

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Friday, February 21 2020 7:30 AM 9:30 AM

Storytelling for Leaders
Humans are natural-born storytellers. We spin and react to stories every day in social, familial, transactional, and professional contexts. Much of our innate storytelling response is unconscious, but successful companies have discovered the unparalleled power of an intentional storytelling strategy. Take Apple, which has never made the fastest computers or the smartest phones. By all rights, the company should have been crushed long ago by the likes of Microsoft or Samsung. Yet, most consumers know the story Apple tells via its design features, ad campaigns and company culture. And that story? It’s about you. If you’re a creator, an artist, a photographer, a filmmaker, you’re a Mac. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a coffee shop with an Asus or a Thinkpad. Stories help us make sense of the world around us and connect with one another. When a story resonates with us, we cling to it, almost for protection. We find our people when their stories align with our own.

Storytelling for Leaders is an experiential workshop that transforms our instinctive predilection for storytelling into a purposeful tool. Facilitated by strategy consultants Amelia Pape and Winston Ross, this workshop explores the primary elements of a central narrative that serve as the building blocks of a personal, professional, or organizational brand strategy. Participants will practice real-time storytelling in a peer-to-peer setting and will leave with a framework to create their own strategic story.

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