Elevating Impact Lab: Better Cities Challenge

By Portland State University (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 13, 2019

Elevating Impact Lab: Better Cities Challenge

PSU's Elevating Impact Lab is an immersive weekend designed to activate PSU students into change agents. Beginning on Thursday evening, and continuing on Friday evening and all-day Saturday, you will be inspired by our Keynote, work with mentors from the community, faculty and staff to experience innovation in action and grow your entrepreneurial skills. Over the course of the lab, you will build a team, develop, refine, test and pitch a business concept. 

The theme of this Elevating Impact Lab, Better Cities Challenge, explores opportunities for innovation and business applications in our urban environment. You'll brainstorm: How would you make life in the city better? Some key topics are: resilient buildings; sustainable energy; new modes of transportation; safe and inclusive spaces. 

PSU students may also receive one undergraduate or graduate credit for participating in the Elevating Impact Lab. To receive credit, skip this ticketing page and go straight to Banweb, where you can register now for MGMT 410/510 / Section 001 / Spring Term. Normal course fees will apply. 

Thursday, April 11th, 7:30 PM: Kickoff with Ryan Tabrah, General Manager, Transportation Solutions Division, Internet of Things Group, Intel, Karl Miller Center Atrium

Ryan will set the stage for the Elevating Impact Lab by exploring strategic imperatives and opportunities to improve communities. He will paint the backdrop for the products, services and business that address opportunities in a variety of industries. Although it's not required that you attend the Kickoff to participate in the Elevating Impact Lab, we highly encourage that you do. 

The Kickoff Keynote is free and open to the community. 

Friday, April 12th, 5 PM - Saturday, April 13th, 10 PM: Elevating Impact Lab, Karl Miller Center

This is when you move from ideas to action. The first step is to form your team. From there, you'll develop solutions and meet with startup leaders and community innovators to validate ideas. This valuable coaching will help you iterate your ideas based on market research. (See full agenda below.) 

And don't you worry - we will provide delicious food throughout the lab. 

Space in this Elevating Impact Lab is limited. Please register today by clicking Tickets. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] 

Elevating Impact Lab: Better Cities Challenge Schedule

Thursday, April 11th

7:30 PM Elevating Impact Lab Kickoff with Keynote Speaker at the Karl Miller Center. This Keynote is optional, but highly recommended for all Elevating Impact Lab participants. Although it is free, we ask that you register by clicking Tickets. Community members are welcome to join. 

Friday, April 12th

5:00 PM Registration begins - Arrive at Karl Miller Center Atrium and get checked in.
5:30 PM Dinner & Networking - Connect with fellow participants over dinner.
6:30 PM Welcome - Our facilitators will the get things started and review our agenda for the weekend.
7:00 PM You pitch your idea - You have one minute to share your idea and convince other to join your team. Don't have an idea? Don't worry - You don't have to pitch!
8:00 PM Participants vote on ideas - You'll vote on the best ideas. Only top ideas will move forward in this Elevating Impact Lab.
8:30 PM Selected ideas announced and teams are formed - Did your idea move forward? Great - Now you have to recruit people to your team! If your idea didn't get selected or you didn't pitch an idea, find an idea you're interested in and join them!
9:00 PM Teams assign roles - Now that you've formed a team, it's time to get to work. You'll decided how you can best contribute your skills, and divvy up the work.
9:30 PM Start working on your idea, but we recommend getting a good night's rest because tomorrow will be busy! 

Saturday, April 13th 

8:30 AM Arrive - We'll fuel you up with a simple breakfast and coffee.
9:00 AM Morning announcements - We'll make sure you and your team have your marching orders for the day.
10:00 AM Get to work - Go out into the community and test your idea. Meet with potential customers and partners and find out if your idea has legs. The judges will be looking to see what market research and validation you've conducted.
10 AM - 12 PM Meet with mentors - You'll have access to startup leaders and industry experts - Take advantage of their expertise and find out what they think of your idea.
12:30 PM  - 1:30 PM Lunch - Mandatory! Recharge with lunch and a presentation from Grace Andrews, Senior Solutions Engineer, New Relic. 
REAL TALK: How Everything you think you know about Entrepreneurship Might be Wrong
In this session, Grace Andrews will address the common misconceptions people have about "entrepreneurs" and the simple truths that make the path towards running a business more realistic and fun. 
1:30 PM - 3 PM Meet with mentors - You'll have access to startup leaders and industry experts - Take advantage of their expertise and find out what they think of your idea. In the Start thinking about your final presentation, and ask mentors for feedback. 
3:00 PM Check in - Our facilitators will do a final check-in with team to make sure they're ready to present.
4:30 PM Dinner
5:00 PM Final presentations start
7:00 PM Final presentations end
7:15 PM While the judges deliberate, listen to Tyrone Poole, President and Founder of OneApp.  FIRESIDE CHAT: It's Monday morning and I have funding. Now what?                                  Tyrone will share his experience as an entrepreneur and give you advice on how to move forward with your idea. 
8:30 PM Judging and Awards - We'll announce the winners of Elevating Impact Lab!
10:00 PM Leave - That's a wrap! 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] 


We want to give you the best experience possible. To do that, everyone needs to treat each other with respect. Please be mindful of others’ experience, act professionally, and treat the facilities with proper care.

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