Lean Cafe: A3 Thinking and Kaizen

By Portland State University (other events)

Tuesday, April 18 2017 8:30 AM 10:30 AM

Facilitated by Tom Fabrizio. 

Many have asked, “What is A3 Thinking?” Is it a problem-solving method? Is it a reporting method? Is it a planning procedure? How do I use it?

At its core, A3 thinking is a way to identify, frame, and act on improvement initiatives, problems and challenges. This approach, which is captured in the simple structure of an A3 report, is “the key” to the Lean system of developing talent and deepening its knowledge and capabilities. It is the thinking process behind management through improvement. In this workshop, we'll cover the principles of A3 Thinking, the role that a leader plays, and the 3 Levels of A3 Reporting: Problem-Solving, Proposal, and Operational Status.

This event will provide insight about A3 Thinking, how you might use it, and what most people don’t know. But perhaps even better, it will give you a platform to learn from others. Because this isn’t just a lecture, this is an interactive and sharing event based on “Learning Through Dialogue.”

Space is limited; register today! 

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